A Method to Get A Free SSL for Your Website


Are you encountering a “Not Secure” warning while browsing a particular website?

This warning suggests that the website lacks a security certificate, and the connection between your browser and the website is not encrypted. To transform this “Not Secure” message into the secure lock symbol, obtaining an SSL for your website is necessary.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a digital security certificate designed to safeguard the data exchanged between the user’s internet browser and the visited site, ensuring a secure connection in both directions. With SSL implemented on your website, it guarantees the safety of information transmitted between your site and its visitors.

Moreover, the presence of a lock symbol on your website fosters trust among visitors when they perceive it, enhancing the credibility of your site.

How to get a Free SSL for your WordPress Website?

#1. Create a Cloudflare Account

Visit Cloudflare and establish your account. Once you click on the sign-up option, you will be directed to the page where you can proceed with creating your Cloudflare account.

#2. Add your website to Cloudflare

Input your website URL and select “Add a Site,” then opt for the free plan.

#3. Change your nameservers

To link Cloudflare with your domain, you must incorporate the specified nameservers displayed in the image to your domain settings. To achieve this, log in to your domain provider’s website, and subsequently, update the default Nameservers to those provided by Cloudflare.

#4. Install the Cloudflare plugin in WordPress

Navigate to Plugin -> Add New, search for “Cloudflare Flexible SSL,” and be sure to install and activate the plugin.

#5. Enable SSL in Cloudflare

The last step is to activate SSL in Cloudflare. Click on Edge Certificate under SSL/TLS, scroll down to ‘Always Use HTTPS,’ and enable it. Once activated, your website will be securely protected with SSL.

This concludes the process of obtaining a free SSL for your WordPress website.

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