Roblox 101: How to Pick a Roblox Premium Plan


Like most free-to-play platforms, Roblox contains microtransactions that let you purchase items, passes, and perks. You buy them with Robux, Roblox’s in-game currency. Robux is money in the Roblox universe, and you’ll need some if you want to do more than explore Roblox’s free offerings. You can purchase Robux at any time, but signing up for a Roblox Premium account gives you Robux plus other goodies. But first, a little history.

Goodbye, Builders Club; Hello, Roblox Premium

A while back, Roblox offered three Builder Club memberships: Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and Outrageous Builders Club. Each plan came with a special Builders Hat accessory, and let you make your own games, obtain special items, and receive a daily Robux payout.

In 2019, Roblox changed these memberships. They’re now called Roblox Premium, and they work a little differently than the earlier Builders Club (we’ll touch upon that in a bit). Like Builders Club, Roblox Premium has three subscription tiers, but there isn’t much difference between the different tiers other than the amount of Robux you receive each month. The plans are:

  • The $4.99-per-month Premium 450
  • The $9.99-per-month Premium 1000
  • The $19.99-per-month Premium 2200

All Roblox Premium memberships include exclusive, premium game benefits: special Avatar Shop items and discounts, 10 percent more Robux when you buy the currency directly from Roblox Corporation, and the ability to trade items. You can also cash out Robux for real-world cash using the Developer Exchange.

The trading system lets you swap special items with other people. These items are typically in limited supply (Limited) or are sold for a limited time (Limited Unique).

If you don’t have a Roblox Premium account, you must pay Robux in order to create in-game shirts and other items. On the other hand, if you have a Roblox Premium account, you can upload as many shirts as you like, along with the option of selling those cosmetics to other users.

With Roblox Premium, you receive big discounts when purchasing items. In fact, some items have their prices slashed by as much as 25 percent! The discounts, combined with the Robux you receive on a monthly basis, make a Roblox Premium membership quite appealing.

Which Roblox Premium Plan Should You Pick?

If you’re not looking to trade items, create games, or make content, you don’t need a Roblox Premium account. Game passes and in-game Items are still purchasable by picking up a Robux card at a local retail store, and adding the Robux to your account.

Parents might want to consider getting their child a Roblox Premium account if their child plays Roblox a lot, and spends Robux each month. This is a great opportunity for children to learn how to manage their monthly income. The Premium 450 or Premium 1000 plans should suffice for young Roblox fans.

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If you’re a content creator, game maker, or just really into Roblox, go for the Premium 2200 plan. It’s the most robust tier, and it offers the best value over the course of a year. In fact, here’s how much you’ll spend in one year at each Roblox Premium membership level.

  • Premium 450 costs $60 per year, and gifts 5400 Robux
  • Premium 1000 costs $120 per year, and gifts you 12,000 Robux
  • Premium 2200 costs $240 per year, and gifts you 26,400 Robux

Here’s a business tip: If you happen to be a YouTuber, streamer, or content creator, a Roblox Premium account is a business write-off for tax purposes. Ask your tax preparer if you can apply this write-off on your state or federal taxes.

Remember to Avoid the Scams

Like anything that involves money, there’s a dark side to having a Roblox Premium account and Robux. Scammers will lie, cheat, and beg for your money. Don’t fall victim to a scam. Read How to Avoid Free Robux Scams to safeguard your Roblox-playing experience.

For more Roblox tips, check out Roblox’s own walkthroughs and my books on how to script games.

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