5 Useful Online DNS and Reverse IP Address Lookup Tools


You’re at the best area if you wish to find out about Reverse DNS lookup as well as Reverse IP lookup as well as the various devices to execute them.

DNS lookup is an important resource of details that can aid companies and also opponents in finding DNS susceptabilities.

The DNSSEC method application is among one of the most popular methods to shield versus DNS hazards like DNS hijacking and also on-path assaults.

This write-up will certainly take a look at exactly how to execute DNS and also IP turn around lookup utilizing some online devices for safety study.

What is Reverse DNS lookup?

A normal DNS document aims a domain to an IP address, which informs a computer system where an ask for info need to be sent out on the net. This is referred to as ahead resolution and also has an onward DNS document. This is done each time you most likely to a site online. DNS document is similar to a telephone directory for the net where we conserve the get in touches with making use of the name for mobile numbers.

A reverse DNS document is the precise reverse of an onward DNS document. You simply start by seeking out the IP address to see what domain name or hostname is related to it.

Reverse DNS, commonly referred to as rDNS, is not as commonly made use of as traditional DNS lookups. A domain name has to indicate an IP address, yet the IP address does not require to have a Reverse DNS document on it. Without also an rDNS document, domain names will certainly still fill.

Reverse DNS access are kept in a certain PTR-record kind.

Carrying Out a Reverse DNS lookup on an IP can be done conveniently by running commands in an incurable. On Windows, Mac, and also Linux, there is a command called nslookup.

What is Reverse IP Lookup?

A reverse IP lookup searches for the domain as well as IP address as well as details all the domain names organized on the very same web server. It locates all the DNS A documents connected with a details IP address. It basically returns a checklist of all domain with the very same IP address.

Currently the inquiry is what the opponent will certainly do by understanding the names of various other internet applications that are working on the exact same web server. Nevertheless, they are not cyberpunk targets.

Allow’s claim internet site A is the target internet application, as well as cyberpunks could not discover any type of susceptabilities to make use of.

In this situation, a cyberpunk does the reverse IP lookup, as well as allow’s state they learn that Website B is additionally signed up on the very same web server. Currently mean web site B has pests that are very easy to manipulate, and also by manipulating these pests or susceptabilities, they can acquire the web server holding these internet applications. Because of this, the opponent will certainly additionally have accessibility to all the info on web site A.

These web sites might come from the very same company or various companies.

To quit a burglar, one needs to assume like a burglar. That’s why learning about Reverse IP lookup is really essential for safety and security scientists.

This is the greatest drawback of common holding. Webhosting companies might bill significantly much less for their solutions by organizing numerous websites on the very same web server. When countless sites share one big web server, it is described as shared holding.

We have actually summarized a listing of DNS as well as IP Reverse Lookup Tools where you can do a lookup right in your internet browser.


Viewdns is a helpful as well as superb internet solution that can do both the DNS and also IP turn around lookup on a domain name or IP address.

Go into the web site name or IP resolve you desire and also click the ‘GO’ switch to proceed.

This internet site likewise has different other devices like Reverse whois lookup, Spam data source lookup, MAC address lookup, Firewall examination, as well as much more.


HackerTarget is yet one more superb device for inspecting the Reverse DNS documents as well as Reverse IP lookup of any type of site.

To locate the documents of the target web site, go into the domain or IP address and also click the “send.”

This site has different devices to protect the systems, from uncovering assault surface areas to recognizing susceptabilities like internet scanners and also port scanners.


Spyse is an online solution that enables you to promptly see any type of web site’s DNS documents for information celebration. Pick the device you desire from the listing and also just input the domain or IP address and also click the “search.”

Domain name Tools

Domaintools site is an effective device to carry out the reverse IP lookup on any type of web site. Kind its domain or IP address right into the message box as well as click ‘Lookup.’ It swiftly offers the outcomes you desire.

Utilizing this internet solution, you can additionally do various other procedures like inspecting the holding background, mass analyzed whois lookup, as well as also IP tracking (monitoring adjustments to licensed domain related to an IP Address).


The MXtoolbox device is a really basic device to utilize. Get in an IP address in the input area to do the reverse DNS lookup.

Various other functions of this device consist of blacklist monitoring, DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and also Conformance), and also LOC lookup.

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