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Your Secure Guard Worth Trying(MacKeeper)


Short Introduction

Have you ever heard the software MacKeeper in the world you are living? For those who use windows operating system or other systems like Ubutu, Debian might answer no. But the term is more failiar with those who use Mac Operating system. Let's get to know this from its company Clario Tech Limited.

Founded in the year of 2019, Clario Tech Limited is a UAE based company which focuses its business in the field of software security and the company offers wide range of applications for main operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS in terms of digital security and privacy.

As the best known and leading product of Clario Tech limited, MacKeeper is utility software which offers system cleaning, privacy features and antivirus for macOS.

mackeeper integration

Why MacKeeper? Features that make you choose MacKeeper


Antivirus tool in MacKeeper prsents as full functional and it can detect malware and malicious files.

If you're stressed that somebody could be spying on you through your electronic camera or mic this option can assist. The MacKeeper virus check will certainly inform you right now in case of such events. This attribute likewise reveals you all products in quarantine. Consequently, it offers you the possibility to assess them in case several of the documents that have actually undertaken sanitation include crucial information. You can recover them once more from this unique storage space.

Duplicate Finder

Maybe that you're instantly lacking storage space so your device has actually begun delaying. This function discovers any kind of duplicates of documents such as double downloads or comparable images which use up unneeded area in your Mac.

When testing for this MacKeeper evaluation, I saw that the devices note them for you consisting of the dimension as well as the number of times they show up, even if they are under various names.

After offering them you can manually examine them to establish which ones to maintain, move to outside storage space, or remove.

This way, you'll liberate even more room in your hard drive. Keep in mind that the system just gets rid of unneeded after your verification.

Smart Uninstaller

As we mentioned IObit can be a perfect uninstaller for Windows, MacKeeper has its own smart uninstaller for macOS. Only by simply deleting the applications from your folder is not enough to get rid of some software, especially when they have some hidden files in your PC. MacKeeper works in a more detailed way by carefully scanning your device and remove gear left by the deleted applications. It also removes other related information such as plugins and browser extensions.

Extra VPN

VPN is normally used in the circumstances where you need more secure environment online or you put more concern on your privacy. The VPN can also give you access to the content which might not be available in the place where you work or live. MaCKeeper provides extra VPN with its military-granularity technology. You can use this feature to make your access more convient and safe.

Adware Cleaner

Mac has enough security to make sure no adware enters your operating system, as long as you remain free from pirated material. The very best feature of it is that it sends you signals every single time it identifies a dubious program.

Update Tracker

This update tracker updates the system every five mins. It carries out a four-part check and also sets up any type of required updates instantly to deal with the issues. You can additionally run this feature individually.

Apart from those seven main features, MacKeeper has some features such as ID Theft Guard, Cleanup and Login Items for users to explore according to their own preference.

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