How to quickly start to use Slider Revolution

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How to quickly start to use Slider Revolution

You may be new to Slider Revolution, but you must be familiar with WordPress which provides an excellent platform and inbuilt templates for bloggers from worldwide to start their own blogs, spreading and exchanging their thoughts. Most of the bloggers are struggling with the design and the concept to attract more traffics from online but may be stuck with the idea of how to present? Now, let’s talk back, Slider Revolution is an easy to use plugin that can erase the load of the tough work!

If you want to get a quick start of knowing how to use Slider Revolution, then read on.

After you purchase Slider Revolution, the next three steps are download, Installation and Activation.

  1. Simply download the product on the dashboard where you purchase
  2. Install the downloaded product  Go to control panel (dashboard) of WordPress, follow the path Plugins–>Add New–> Upload Plugin–> Choose file then click install Now to install, you’ll receive the information which says plugin installed successfully which indicate you have successfully installed your plugin
  3.  Find the installed plugin and activate it.

Now you can enjoy creating your first master piece on your blog through Slider Revolution.

If you have successfully done with the previous steps, you can see Slider Revolution on your side bar of control panel. Click on it to get started

Creating your first module

Choose new blank module, since this is a tutorial for beginners, if you are quite familiar with Slider Revolution, you can use the inbuilt templates or manually upload your own templates though Manual Import option. Of course, there are many fancy addons for you to explore.

Setup for the blank module

There are some general options for users to choose their blank modules, for example title, layout, content, etc. These basic setups are on the right side of the screen.

Once made some changes, don’t forget to save them. Usually the detail setting is under the selected option. You can go deeper to explore it as you like.

Adding elements to the global layers

11 types of elements can be added to, the most common ones are text, images and shapes.

If you hover your mouse on each of these elements, you can find more specific options, let’s take the text for example, you can choose quick style heading or quick style content. Once you selected your element, you can define the timeline when they appear on the slide from the left bottom window

You can then click the time slot to customize animation for the element. Besides, you can also drag the time slot to adjust its length or just simply edit it from the right side.

Final Words

Now it’s time for you to play around, if you have any question, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment below!

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