Top Ten Podcasting Tools to Recommend

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Top Ten Podcasting Tools to Recommend

If you’re taping your very first podcast or trying to find an outstanding modifying application, we’ve prepared a listing of a few of the most effective devices as well as applications to make your episodes be a hit! These podcasting devices can assist you to develop your very own workshop, videotape your voice, as well as advertise your sights on social networking websites to aid you construct a bigger target market.

Furthermore, some devices can aid you to run your episodes much more efficiently as well as perform your podcast faultlessly. Allow’s study the checklist of podcasting devices and also exactly how they can be valuable in making your podcasts go viral.

1. Maestra

By turning your podcasts to text based transcripts, you can reach a larger audience and have Google and other search engines index your site. Transcripts can also help you reach an audience who are unable to listen to your podcasts, but still want to read what you have to say.

You can also use Maestra to:

  • Create transcripts of your podcasts to make it easier for search engines to find your content.
  • Caption and transcribe your podcasts automatically, as well as voiceover your podcast automatically to foreign languages.

2. Buzzsprout

If you want to keep track of your podcast performance, Buzzsprout is an excellent option. It’s a kind of podcasting host that helps you put your podcast on popular podcasting platforms and tracks statistics, including the total number of listeners, total plays, and which platform is best for you.


Where in Buzzsprout and Libsyn, you pay a monthly price, Anchor.FM serves all the features free of cost. They’re also operating highly-rated applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

You can monetize your podcasts with no charges at all. also provides free unlimited hosting and also lets you record and edit your podcasts.

4. Squadcast 

Squadcast is one of the most popular podcast recording apps. It lets you record your video, join other podcasters from all over the world, and record everyone in separate wav files without drift. You can invite other performers working on a similar niche to make podcasts together.

5. Wavve

Of course, videos are the most potent ways to reach your audience and gain a considerable following. Without any doubt, Wavve helps you to turn your hit podcasts into super hit videos and promote them on social networking sites.

Wavve has more than a dozen themes and designs to convert your podcasts into animated videos and direct them to a broader audience. You can choose the right topic, edit your video, and add captions after converting your audio into a transcript.

6. Ringr

Ringr is a kind of broadcast interview software that is best-known for recording high-quality sound. It is a paid app but comes with a stockpile of great features under basic and premium plans. You can make conference calls to anyone across the globe and record your audio for the best studio-style sound recording.

7. Auphonic 

Making high-quality audio recordings should always be your priority if you want to succeed in podcasting, and Auphonic is the best device to put it into execution.

It’s an innovative podcasting tool that serves the best version of your audio files and recordings. You can eliminate all the background noise and humming sounds frequently appearing in your records. You can also balance the voice of dialogs and music according to your preferences.

All in all, if you’re signing up, you can upload your audio file and let the Auphonic work wonders.

8. Krisp 

Krisp can actively record your speech with no background noise at all. The app comes with a free calling option with plenty of complementary features and has been appreciated for its impressive performance.

Once you hit the record button, it will disable all the overflowing voices running in the background.

9. Notion 

You might be wondering about having a note-taking app listed in the best tools for podcasting. But it’s worth is far higher than just note-taking features. Notion is designed with a collaborative approach to sharing ideas, brainstorming, and working on your podcast script.

For interviews or humor, when you need to add more than one podcaster, Notion can help you with scripting, taking notes, and prioritizing which information should be covered in your podcast.

10. Calendly 

Calendly can help you to save time, organizing and scheduling the right time for your podcasts.

You can share your calendar and preferred time with other hosts and set the right time to record your episode. They also get notified when you share the date, time, and information about the event.

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