10 free backup software tools

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10 free backup software tools

The value of back-up software application for any kind of organization entity might not be worried sufficient. Particularly in our unstable times. A selection of information back-up devices exist to protect information on computer systems, smart phones, information facilities. Simply put, these devices back-up as well as shop the information on laptop computer or phone in case it is erased by crash or failing.

We took 15 devices and also placed them under the microscopic lense. They consist of both complimentary back-up software program for exclusive usage and also venture information back-up devices for whole cloud web servers, online makers and also data sources.

Every one of them service Windows certainly, while some are additionally suitable with MacOS and/or Linux, as well as a lot of these devices are completely cost-free too. You’ll see all the specifications as well as attributes contrasted, and after that the table with efficiency examination outcomes. Likewise we prepared brief overview concerning back-up software program. Allow’s get on with it.

Best backup software tools

Now, a bit of information about file backup utilities – in alphabetical order, no preference. There are both proprietary tools with free trial and free tools among these fifteen. A standard for backup tools is to offer one or all of the following types:

Full backup – a repository of a complete system image;

Incremental backup – partial backups made periodically after a full backup;

Differential backup – partial backups, saving only post-full-backup data for faster restoration.

Acronis True Image

Features: scheduling, backup log, cloud storage option, data encryption, incremental and differential backups, restoration, detection of crypto mining malware.

In regards to setup and performance, the installer is large, the initial installer size of 545 MB might be troublesome, others may feel irritation over a long sign up process for trial. Though, we should focus on backup capabilities. For backups, first, a user has to specify the choice – a whole hard drive or specific files only. Then, a backup location (cloud, external drive, local folder). You may read lots of real user reviews at Amazon to learn more.


  • Additional DriveCleaner tool
  • Big Cloud storage
  • Anti-ransomware tool


  • Low protection level for backups
  • Quite pricey
  • Some tools not available from main menu

AOMEI Backupper Standard

Features: recovery and disk cloning to HDD/SSD, Aomei Professional 30-day free, data partition / volume backup, incremental and differential backups, event triggering for automatic backup, save to external drive, USB flash, SD card.

Based on our performance tests (see the bottom of the article), we can say this tool is one of the fastest in backing  disks and partitions on one hand, and quite not that fast in backing packs of files, on the other hand. It is light on CPU, and initiates only three processes in the background.

Few more things that deserve mentioning: number of devices and installations is unlimited, encryption and protection by password for backups, date and method of each backup visible upon restoration. Also, there are email notifications, i.e. a user will get a message about backup completion or failure, when it started and ended, its destination, etc. A user may split a backup into smaller pieces, create a bootable disc for further restore or cloning beyond Windows.


  • System optimization tool
  • Backups merging tool
  • Built-in tutorials


  • Does not create a bootable device
  • No cloud synchronization
  • No encryption of backup copies

Areca Backup

Features: store on local/network drive, USB, FTP, SFTP server, file filtering by extension, directory, size, date, status, etc., history of user’s actions, file compression (ZIP), all 3 types of backups, archives merging.

This one is an open-source backup utility written in Java with the purpose of introducing a direct and easy free backup software tool. It supports all three types of backups, it is lightweight, and it also requires a Java runtime environment. Layout is plain: the left-hand sidebar with archives, the main window with tabs (archives, logical view, history, etc.), the command line on the right. Overall, a good package although not all features are properly working and sometimes the app crashes. So, we’d recommend Areca Backup for users with one PC and infrequent backup tasks.


  • Automatic backup validation
  • Low file size
  • Detailed logs


  • No tools for protecting backups
  • Slow performance
  • No cloud storage


Features: incremental backups, session logs and scheduling, cloud/local/remote storage options, compression, file encryption, multiple system support, version tracking, anti-ransomware tool, email notifications.

Backup4All comes in 4 versions: Lite, Standard, Professional and last but not least, Portable. Moreover, one can also save money by configuring specific feature of choice and paying for such soft of custom package, as well as try out a trial version of any of those editions before a purchase. In terms of backup destinations, this utility is pretty flexible – cloud options include Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure, or local drives, FTP/SFTP, USB, etc.


  • Automatic backup validation
  • Task-list based work window
  • Multiple types online storage


  • Slow backup speed
  • Does not create a bootable device
  • Costly


Cloudally is the original solution for backing up important information from various sources. Integrated with the cloud, the application supports many specific programs including Office 365, G Suite, SharePoint and others. Just one click will allow you to transfer your information to unlimited Amazon S3 storage. A smart system of reports and planning will allow you to quickly plan the regular creation of backups and receive notifications about the success of the operation.


  • AES-256 bit encryption algorithms
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Based on cloud-technologies


  • Not support offline mode
  • Some tariffs have limited bandwidth
  • Not available universal tariff

Ace Backup

Features: freeware, 5 different encryption algorithms, store data on FTP servers, scheduling, CD/DVD backup, ZIP compression of data.

Recommended to those who are serious about data reliability and need a powerful utility. Whether one wants to store files on FTP servers, locally (HDD, FDD, ZIP, JAZZ, MO, USB) or just burn it onto CD/DVD, AceBackup has it all. It can also be done manually or set up for automatic backups. Filter for file extensions and file types might become very handy when there are gigabytes of data.


  • Good built-in backup protection
  • Easy backup creation
  • Low program size


  • No cloud integration
  • No validation function
  • Does not create a bootable device

BackupUp Maker

Features: compatible with Windows XP, Server, Vista, 7, 8, 10; ZIP compression of files, USB/CD/DVD/Web server storage, 256-bit AES encryption, splitting backups across different storage units, menu in 11 languages.

Worth noting, that Backup Maker does not copy and restore system images, it is only capable of backing up data and files, but it does it well. Standard version is a freeware with all features, it has 2 modes – a wizard mode (simpler one) and an expert mode. The latter mode offers more control, using 12-part sequence of actions, from data selection to destinations and scheduling settings. If one was to sum up this backup software in three facts, it would be: 1) Free for personal use, 2) German precision, 3) Intuitive step-by-step workflow.


  • Laconic but functional menu
  • Detailed visual guides to create backups
  • Only backups, nothing excessive


  • Does not have validation function
  • No cloud integration
  • Does not have backup scheduler

Cobian Backup

Features: acts only as a security copy, FTP backup to download/upload, 2 versions: app and service, several methods of compression, various types of scheduling, inclusions and exclusions.

Versatile, yet minimalist and easy, Cobian Backup is a free backup software for Windows written in Delphi. While installing it, a user select the language, installation type (probably needs additional explanation for median customers), adds a desktop icon and menu shortcut, or not.

In the app, left-hand menu contains main sections of settings for backup tasks. For example, in ‘Files’ one will see a source window and a destination window below it, to add or simply drag files from Windows Explorer. The main disadvantage to Cobian (not Cobain, incidentally) is lack of restore feature.


  • Many additional tools
  • Task-list based work window
  • Low file size


  • No cloud synchronization
  • No tools to protect backups
  • Does not have a restore option

EaseUS ToDo Backup

Features: full, incremental, differential backups; ToDo Backup business edition, Mac edition, automated scheduling, real-time backup reports, disk cloning, system cloning.

EaseUS is quite easy to navigate, with just 4 steps: choosing data to copy, destination, compression type and, finally,  the encryption level, and it is all set. It is fast (2.5 minutes to back up a 5GB file, and about the same to restore it), while also being light on CPU usage, meaning that it should not slow down your PC. Restoring data with this app is quite slow, and users report that often it fails and it takes few attempts to perform this task. But overall, EaseUS ToDo is a decent backup utility for Windows for an average user jobs.


  • ‘File category inspector’ tool
  • Privacy protection tool
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No sync between devices
  • Not able to create a protected local storage
  • No integration with cloud


Features: simple user-friendly backup wizard, free version for personal and commercial use, Google Drive and Dropbox support, protection against malware, different backup destinations available, ZIP compression.

A second product from the same Romanian vendor in our list, after Backup4All. So, unsurprisingly, the set of features and app design are quite similar. Nevertheless, FBackup is a free backup utility, unlike Backup4All that only comes as a trial for a paid version. It is also lighter and has proved to be swifter in performance when we’ve put it to the test.

Also, in addition to standard backup and restore features, it provides protection from ransomware and viruses like WannyCry. Finally, FBackup scores high user ratings, although our own experience tells that the speed with which it creates backups is slower than of competitors.


  • Automatic backup validation
  • Compact and concise menu
  • Task-list based work window


  • Low backup process speed
  • Some backup modes blocked
  • Does not create a bootable device

FileFort Backup

Features: wide storage options (Google Docs, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, USB, CD, DVD, hard drive, network drive), simple menu and navigation, scheduling, option to start automatic backup to USB drive when it plugs in, manual and automatic backups.

For full backups and incremental backups with a free tool consider FileFort, that truly deserves to be among the best backup software. How so? Check again features in the paragraph above – already impressive. User interface is elegant, tasks to-do apprehensive, a progress toolbar is visually handy too. Of course, one can not create a system image or perform disk cloning, but a free utility can’t do everything.


  • Portable version available
  • Multiple backup destinations
  • Very low file size


  • Does not have a validation function
  • Only for 64-bit Windows / Mac 10 and above
  • Does not create a bootable device

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